Fleetwood Mac Skateboarder Rolls Out His Own Alcoholic Cranberry Drink

The Fleetwood Mac “Dreams” Skateboarder is seeing his dreams come full circle — the video of him swigging juice just helped launch his own line of cranberry drink … strictly for adults.

Yep, Nathan Apodaca‘s rolling out a cranberry flavored alcoholic beverage with BeatBox called Cranberry Dreams Cosmo … according to his rep, Gina Rodriguez.

As you can see … Nathan’s already shot a commercial, and naturally, it shows him riding a skateboard with some drinks. Hey, it’s kinda his thing.

We’re told BeatBox is hawking Nathan’s signature beverage for $3.99 a pop and it’s launching Sunday in 2,000 liquor, grocery and convenience stores, including big chains like Kroger and Circle K.

Nathan’s team says his drinks will also be available online by the end of the month. Something to keep in mind, though, before ya drink and ride — the Cranberry Dreams Cosmos are fully loaded … 11.1% alcohol, which is the equivalent of 4 light beers.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

As you know, Nathan went viral last year after posting the video of him riding around drinking Ocean Spray and jamming out to Fleetwood Mac. He’s since cashed in on merch and sponsorship deals.

Nathan tells us he’s just happy to be able to provide for his family like he never could have imagined, and he just wants to keep bringing smiles to people’s faces.


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