Ellen DeGeneres’ ‘Ellen Show’ Monologue About Her Controversy Is ‘Poignant,’ ‘Funny,’ & ‘Candid’

Season 18 of The Ellen Show kicks off today (September 21) and Ellen DeGeneres is expected to fully address her workplace controversy.

“She didn’t hold anything back,” a source familiar with the situation told People. “It was poignant and funny and very much a candid take on what happened over the summer. She understands her audience wants to hear from her and is looking forward to talking directly to them on Monday.”

Afterwards, “It was an emotional moment for everyone; she thanked everyone.”

Ellen has come away from this reinvigorated and devoted to working hand-in-hand with the staff to bring joy and humor to the fans,” the source shared. “Ellen is excited to be back on set and wants this to be the best season yet.”

The staff and Ellen are “taking it one day at a time, but so far the environment on set already feels different.” After the controversy broke, Ellen assured staffers that things would change.

Tiffany Haddish is the show’s first celeb guest. Tune in today.

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