Debbie McGee: ‘We’ll get the sack!’ Strictly star drops bombshell after awkward comment

Debbie McGee, 61, was joined on BBC Radio Berkshire by her co-star Julian Perkins, where the pair discussed the weather at the start of the broadcast. But the pair seemed to get carried away with their own private conversation before the host interjected and said they should get on with the radio show or they “may get the sack”. Debbie gushed over the May weather, as her co-star wrapped up his weather forecast. She said: “Clear skies as I drove into today. It’s looking lovely.”

We’ll get the sack

Debbie McGee

Julian replied: “And it will stay that way, well until the sun goes down. But it was chilly this morning.”

The former Strictly star agreed: “It was. Absolutely.”

Their weather chat seemingly took an awkward turn as Julian began to tell the presenter how hot it would need to be for him to remove items of clothing.

He said: “It’s going to get to 16 degrees celsius, 61 Fahrenheit, which is the temperature at which I remove my hat, scarf and gloves. As you can see.”

Debbie replied: “Oh right. I can see, there just in your jumper.”

Her co-star continued: “Oh my jumper doesn’t come off until it gets to 18 degrees,” before he added: “Would you like to know what comes off at 21 degrees?”

“No thank you. Let’s get on with the show. Or we’ll get the sack!” she responded with a chuckle.

Meanwhile, the former Strictly Come Dancing contestant reminisced about her husband Paul Daniels on a previous episode of BBC Radio Berkshire.

She reflected on his legendary TV game show Every Second Counts during an interview with comedian and fellow quiz listener Lucy Porter.

The radio host told listeners the late Sir Bruce Forsyth believed her husband’s work on the show was “the best”.

Bruce, who died aged 89 in August 2017, said he praised Paul for his hosting skills on the programme.

Lucy said: “Of course, Paul’s Wipeout was one of the all time great quiz shows, I absolutely loved Wipeout.”

Debbie then responded: “Thank you, now he did two before that, the first quiz show he did was Odd One Out, then Every Second Counts and then Wipeout.

“And all the other quiz masters like Bruce Forsyth and everybody all said, as a quiz, Every Second Counts was the best because of the way it built.”

She then admitted she was “surprised” the show had never made a comeback to TV screens.

Debbie added: “I’m surprised they’ve never brought it back.”

The Debbie McGee Show airs Sundays on BBC Radio Berkshire at 9am.

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