Dawn French ‘happier than ever’ after losing eight stone

Dawn French is 'happy than ever' after losing eight stone.

The Vicar of Dibley star has dramatically overhauled her lifestyle – and her body – since suffering a health scare in 2014.

Now happily married to charity worker Mark Bignell, friends say the 61-year-old is in an amazing place.

"Dawn is on the other end of the scale now – properly happy," a source tells Woman magazine.

"She's content in her marriage and work-wise she is making [new comedy] Glass Houses."

The star initially sparked concern when she began losing weight in 2014, with many speculating it was down to her devastating split from husband-of-25-years, Lenny Henry.

However, Dawn – who found fame alongside comedy sidekick Jennifer Saunders – has since revealed doctors ordered her to lose weight ahead of a major opertaion.

"When I was due to have my hysterectomy the doc told me that if I could lose some weight before the op, they would be able to do it via keyhole, and I would recover in three weeks or so," she previously said.

"Otherwise it would be big open surgery, and three months to recover. So, I set about dropping a few stone."

And she didn't cut corners, revealing she took up walking and started counting calories.

"No magic wand, just tiny, joyless low-cal eating and lots more walking for weeks and weeks," she said.

"It was grim. I lost seven-and-a-half stone. I could have the keyhole surgery. Great. That’s all it was, practical."

She tied the knot with Mark in 2013 and moved to the countryside, where she says life is good.

"I'm at a very happy part of my life right now. I take vitamins, I exercise, I live in Cornwall – life is good in many ways and I think it shows," she recently said.

"I'm more assured about what I feel and what I know, so I'm more comfortable in my own skin and more authentic, if you like."

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