David Platt to cheat on Shona Ramsey in shock affair in Corrie?

David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) is getting closer to another woman in Coronation Street, should Shona Ramsey (Julia Goulding) be worried?

Having scored herself a job at the barber’s, Natalie nags David to give her some proper training because she’s serious about making a go of it. She also reveals it’s her birthday and he kindly sends her on an early lunch.

David finds Natalie in the pub, and when he sees she’s knocking back birthday drinks he steers her back to work, possibly to save her doing something she’d regret. Why is he being so nice to her?

Back at the barber’s she annoys Nick by making drunken jibes at his dodgy dealings. He’s starting to get worried that she won’t keep her mouth shut, especially after she’s had a few bevvies. But David is softening to her and decides to give her a go at training.

Shona finds herself feeling jealous when she walks in on David giving Natalie a lesson in how to cut hair. Does she have something to worry about? Could David throw his engagement away over a fling with Natalie?

Even after he thought he was about to lose Shona when he thought she was stabbed by Clayton?

But she might have bigger problems if the police get their hands on their accounts and find the results of Nick’s theft.

Will David get caught for cheating AND being an accomplice in stealing £80k?

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