David Beckham Showed up to Court Looking Like a Full-On Runway Model

On Thursday, David Beckham made an appearance in a London court, where he was banned from driving for six months for using his cell phone while driving a Bentley in the West End of London — a situation I will never personally relate to, for many reasons, yet am endlessly fascinated by. 

According to BBC, the ex-soccer star was fined £750, ordered to pay £100 in prosecution costs and a £75 surcharge fee within seven days. 

Beckham, as you might expect from someone who co-owns a fashion line, showed up for his appearance looking as if he had just graced the runway in a collection of bespoke menswear items. 

Well-tailored suit? Check. Hair coiffed, not one strand out of place? Check. His entire ensemble was so perfectly styled and groomed that it would have been comical, if not for, y'know, the reckless driving and possible endangerment of other people on the road. 

According to CNN, an onlooker photographed Beckham using his phone while driving in London's West End last November.

"Instead of looking straight forward, paying attention to the road, he appeared to be looking at his lap," said prosecutor Matthew Spratt. "He (the witness) says that the defendant was operating a handheld device at knee level. At that moment a photograph was taken."

Beckham's defense, according to his lawyer, Gerrard Tyrrell, is that he doesn't even remember the incident in question.

"There is no excuse for what took place but his view is as he cannot remember… he's going to plead guilty and that's what he's done," Tyrrell said. 

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At least he's (somewhat) owning up to it.

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