Coronation Street’s Jack P Shepherd shares shocking raunchy direct message from fetish fan account

Coronation Street star Jack P Shepherd is undoubtedly inundated with adoring messages from fans on his Instagram account.

But, a string of shocking messages from one of his 347,000 followers has stunned the soap star, who plays David Platt on Corrie.

Jack, 32, couldn’t help but reply to the string of naughty notes from the account, and was so impressed with his reply that he decided to share the conversation with the rest of his followers.

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The soap star, who was recently praised by his cast mate Sally Dynevor for speaking out about his mental health, posted a screenshot of the shocking conversation on his Instagram story.

The fan account was dedicated to appreciate the nails and hands of celebrity men.

They firstly told Jack: “Your nails are so attractive”.

A very crude DM from the account then read: “I want to c** on your hands and nails.”

Clearly amused by the sexual suggestion, Jack gave a witty reply which said: “If you can do that while keeping a 2 metre distance I’ll be very impressed.”

And, this isn’t the first time he’s received a naughty note from this particular follower.

Back in December the soap actor revealed the account had been sending him pictures of his own hands along with a string of messages which read: “I love your hands and nails”.

Another suggestive message read: “I want to do things to your hands and nails,” followed by a winking emoji. While another message, sent at 5am one morning, gushed: “I love your hands and nails so much”.

A frustrated Jack replied to the string of messages with: “REALLY?! Would never have guessed!”

He then shared the screenshot of the conversation on his Instagram story at the time.

Jack is currently in lockdown with his girlfriend Hanni Treweek and his children Nyla and Reuben, who he shares with his ex-girlfriend Lauren Shippey.

The actor started dating Hanni in 2017 and moved in together after just over a year of dating.

During their rime in isolation, they recreated a hilarious version of the Love Actually dance, which he later shared on Instagram.

Speaking in a podcast about the hilarious clip, where Jack plays Hugh Grant’s role of the prime minister – who dances around number 10 to Girls Aloud's version of Jump (For My Love), he joked he “almost spit up” with his girlfriend over the video.

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Speaking on his podcast the Sofa Cinema Club, Jack said: "I put the Love Actually Hugh Grant dance out on all the socials, it was very funny.

“I nearly split up with my girlfriend in the process though. It's hard. As she's got to be in it, she's the secretary at the end that catches me doing the dancing.

“And, yeah, I was being a director and losing my temper a bit about cues and timing. I proper did. I was there doing it and going, 'No, you come in on this bit,' and I'm doing the crab dance [laughs]. It was funny.”

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