Chris Evans sad after cancer procedure as he admits theres no guarantees

Chris Evans says there’s no guarantee after cancer procedure

Chris Evans has said he feels “sad” for others who may be fearful of getting checked for skin cancer after having his removed on Thursday.

Post-procedure, the Virgin Radio presenter proudly unveiled his scar on Instagram, but today shared further details about his surgery with his colleagues while on air.

Chris, 57, appeared stunned as he reflected on how doctors showed him the 1cm-long cancerous skin they removed from his leg as he addressed the “shed bit of skin”.

The presenter recalled: “[The doctor] said, ‘That’s it, that’s your cancer there, we will say goodbye to that shall we’ and then that was gone, then we will have another biopsy, look no guarantees, but we should be done and dusted. Who knows.”

Chris went on to say he was “sad” for people who may not have been able to have the same result as him and for those “who are in a position where they might need it, but are too fearful to go and find out”.

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He went on to express how those suffering could “literally throw away” their cancer if treated early.

“It was about a centimetre and a half long and about a centimetre wide and that’s it because it’s all in there.”

The presenter went on to urge people not to hesitate about getting checked if they are worried.

“Few stitches, on your way and you are done,” he added.

Chris thankfully got his cancer treated early after his “angel” of a masseur alerted him to a mark on his leg.

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Following this, he swiftly got it checked out and doctors determined it was melanoma.

Revealing his diagnosis on air last month, he told listeners: “It’s as treatable as cancer can be to the extent that they call it ‘stage zero’.

“I can’t run for a month afterwards so I’m going to do nothing but run until then,” he joked. “Is that ok?”

Chris went on to say he had thanked his masseur named Dee for “potentially saving my life”.

The father-of-five showed fans the scar from his surgery on his personal Instagram page on Thursday.

He captioned the post: “And that’s a W.R.A.P. Early cuzza to celebrate + 0.0 VERY cold beer. #getyourselfchecked/checkafriend Peace&Love people. HAPPY THURSDAY.”

Many of his 148,000 followers flocked to his post to share supportive messages.

PeniLouu wrote: “Crikey, well done for your diligence and care for your body. Have a positive recovery & rest well.”

Dr Donna Tooth commented: “Glad it’s out. Quick recovery.”

Jilly Smyth added: “Such an inspiration, you inspire so many people – happy healing – enjoy your beautiful family.”

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