Chris Brown OnlyFans: Singer's first image from adult-content subscription platform is leaked

Singer Chris Brown is the latest celebrity to join the adult-content subscription website OnlyFans.

The website was initially set up to help out adult industry sex workers as a platform to publish naughty content. However, the site has been recently flooded with celebrities, much to the annoyance of the sex workers.

Rapper Cardi B and model Amber Rose, along with Teen Wolf actor Tyler Posey are among the most high profile celebs to sign themselves up.

Former Disney actress Bella Thorne was perhaps the most notorious celeb to join as she reportedly earned $1 million in just 24 hours, which caused the site to change its rules.

The Run It! singer announced he’d joined last night by tweeting out the news. He posted two sets of eyeball emojis with a link to his page on OnlyFans.

At the time of writing, his tweet had received nearly 17,000 likes and over 9,000 retweets.

Chris Brown appears fully-clothed on OnlyFans

Some folks claiming to be OnlyFans subscribers helpfully posted Brown’s first image from the site. You will either be delighted or dismayed to learn that he is apparently fully clothed.

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He’s dressed in a New York Nicks t-shirt and white pants and is cheekily grabbing his groin, and he’s captioned the post, “We n this b***hhhh.” Is he teasing more to come?

One OnlyFans user took to Twitter to call Brown’s new venture a “scam” as they posted his pic online. Perhaps this user had been hoping for more nudity?

Brown is charging $20 a month for his fans to access his page, and while some folks are skeptical about him gaining many subscriptions, other fans have expressed lots of excitement.

Twitter fans expressed support for Chris Brown on OnlyFans

One Chris Brown fan on Twitter expressed an interest in paying the money but said they needed to know if he’d be sharing nude pics before they parted with their $20.

They wrote: “So who’s subscribed to Chris Brown’s only fans???? I need to know if he showing d***…before I drop my $20 for a subscription!!!”

Other fans seemed less choosy and keen to part with their money to see any pics of the singer; “where do I sign up,” asked a few people on Twitter.

Another cunning fan suggested subscribing for three months before filing a dispute with their bank; “I love him,” they added.

However, there were also lots of fans who expressed their disappointment in Chris Brown’s decision.

It remains to be seen if the singer will actually post any NSFW content.

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