Charles Melton Reveals He Was Once The #1 Dog Walker in Los Angeles

Charles Melton is melting our hearts in this new video interview with Buzzfeed.

The 27-year-old actor played with a ton of cute puppies and even got some kisses from them while answering questions about his new movie, The Sun is Also a Star and Riverdale.

During the interview, Charles revealed that he once was a dog walker for a dog walking app in Los Angeles.

“I like to tell people that I was the number one dog walker in Los Angeles and I really was,” Charles shared while petting the dogs in lying in his lap.

He continued, “I walked over 300 dogs in two months. That’s crazy…and I still get notifications on my phone asking me to walk their dog.”

Check out his full interview below and go see The Sun is Also a Star, in theaters now!

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