Carol Vorderman defends herself after some Im A Celeb fans complain

Carol Vorderman defends her laugh

I’m A Celebrity… South Africa star Carol Vorderman, 62, has taken to Instagram Live to defend her laugh, after fans began complaining about it on social media.

Although she is still appearing on our screens in the reality show, the ITV series has been pre-recorded, which means the star is back at home and able to discuss the subject on Instagram Live with her son Cameron.

As she talked about last night’s episode, which saw Janice Dickinson forced to leave camp due to injury, the subject of her laugh came up.

Looking at her son, she said: “Some people go ‘Carol Vorderman’s laugh!’

“It’s loud,” she acknowledged. “OK, it’s always been loud.

“It was loud on Countdown and it’s loud and everything.

“You can’t help how you laugh can you?” she queried.

Carol was responding to the fact that viewers seem to have been taking great umbrage to her cackle.

@LockLulu wrote: “Why is Carol Vorderman so bloody LOUD all the time? And that fake laugh – ‘HA HA HA’ at just about everything. Shut up woman.” (sic)

A user called @30_08Panda asked: “Is it just Me or does anyone else find Carol Vorderman’s laugh annoying #ImACeleb.” (sic)

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@virtualantonia queried: “Why does carol vorderman laugh like that? LMAO #imaceleb.” (sic)

@therealdavewest wondered: “How do we vote Carol Vorderman and her fake laugh out of #ImACeleb.”

Meanwhile @apallan chimed in: “Carol Vorderman is getting on my nerves with her false laugh. #ImACeleb South Africa.”

A tweeter with the handle @catwoman1957 compared Carol’s laugh to that of another celebrity.

“Carol Vorderman’s laugh sounds just like Basil Brushes I swear,” they wrote. (sic)

Earlier in the clip, Carol had asked her son: “Do you think I’ve got a wicked laugh Cam?”

Looking bewildered he answered sarcastically: “No, definitely not!”

She chuckled: “And you don’t have a laugh like that but your sister Katie…

“And when the two of us, Katie and I start cackling away it’s bad isn’t it?” she asked rhetorically.

Responding tongue in cheek Cameron said: “It’s very clear when you’re having a good time.”

I’m A Celebrity South Africa continues tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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