Brad Pitt Has a "Shit List" of Actors He'll Never Work With Again

Brad Pitt has been in a lot of iconic movies over the years, and as a result has starred alongside…like…pretty much every single actor in Hollywood? And apparently he keeps a list of stars he’s down to work with again, and a list of people he literally wants nothing to do with. In other words, the man has a shit list.

This was revealed by Brad’s Bullet Train costar Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who—after calling Brad a “humble and gracious human being”—mused (via Variety) ahead of a screening “He is in a new chapter of his life, I think. He just wants to bring light and joy into the world and be around people who are there to have a good time. You work with many actors and after a while you start making notes: ‘I am definitely not working with this person ever again.’ Brad has this list too: the ‘good’ list and the shit list.”

While at this point I, personally, am out here screaming SHOW US THE LIST, AARON, he did not, in fact, elaborate. Meaning we’ll may never know which actors Brad Pitt hated working with so much that he refuses to do so ever again.

Anyway, Tom Cruise better not be on this thing because the hopes of an Interview with the Vampire sequel starring him and Brad is basically what I live for.

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