Brad Marchand finds real culprit of his blindsided punch to head: media

If it weren’t for the media, Brad Marchand believes his punch to the back of Scott Harrington’s head would be no big deal.

During a stoppage of play in Tuesday’s Game 3 loss to the Blue Jackets, the Bruins winger delivered a jab from behind on Columbus’ Harrington, which has put Marchand back in the spotlight for another cheap shot.

Marchand insisted he did it because the Blue Jackets had been punching his teammate, Jake DeBrusk, but then said it was getting blown out of proportion.

“There’s a lot of media attention in the playoffs, and they jump on to things and hold on to it and it creates a stir,” Marchand told reporters Wednesday after practice. “So it is what it is, I’m not overly concerned about what’s said in the media and what fans say and stuff like that. You know it was an unnecessary play, but it is what it is, the games go on and we’ll worry about the next one.”

Marchand has been suspended six times and fined three others in his career but did not face any discipline for Tuesday’s extracurriculars.

While the calls for action swirled around him on social media, Marchand said he wasn’t paying attention to any of it.

“I don’t even know what’s being said,” Marchand, whose Bruins are in a 2-1 series hole, said. “I’ve learned over the years to stay away from the media, especially this time of year. Fans all have their opinions and they’re entitled to it. They pay us a lot of money to play the game, so thank you. You just roll with it. It is what it is.”

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