Boosie Ends 2021 Defending R. Kelly, Says He Just Likes Them Young

Boosie is ending a tough year (socially) on an even rougher note — defending R. Kelly … and doing so by suggesting the dude’s just got a thing for young ladies, NBD. 😬

The Louisiana rapper recently sat for an interview with VladTV, in which Kelly’s conviction was brought up … and Boosie was asked about it. He didn’t hesitate to let everyone know how he felt about the case — and that feeling is … bitter resentment.

Check it out … Boosie says Kelly got railroaded on similar charges he was facing in 2008, and thinks much of that has to do with his race.

But, then Boosie took it a step further … justifying Kelly’s actions as it pertains to his victims, brushing it off by saying, “I just feel like R. Kelly like the young bitches.” There’s more … Boosie goes on to say claims R. Kelly kept his victims under his thumb at all times is BS.

He adds, “If you leave a bitch at the house, and you go on tour for two weeks and she don’t go nowhere — that bitch ain’t been kidnapped. She waiting on daddy to come home.”

Boosie also claims a “bitch ain’t been sexualized if she been in the bed with three, four women. You know, she hasn’t been (taken) advantage of, because … she is willing!” He ends by saying Kelly’s only mistake was the “age part.”

The host, DJ Vlad, finally stepped in and pushed back on Boosie’s wild characterization … pointing out that Kelly was dating — and eventually married — a very underage Aaliyah way back in the day … and not just that, but had gone to court over this exact issue over a decade ago.

He adds, all he had to do was stay away from underage girls — but noting, he couldn’t even do that. Boosie still seems skeptical by the end … thus capping off the latest foot-in-mouth moment from him in 2021. Better luck next year …

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