Bethenny Frankel tells people to eat before parties or you’ll overindulge

Bethenny Frankel built her food and beverage line and all her branding around being thin. She has a few books with tips and recipes about it, and she loves talking about it too. It’s not easy to stay thin in your late 40s, if that’s something you’re striving for, as the pounds creep on over the years and small amounts can add up. I get it and I work on that too, I just find it superficial as hell. (I mean I know I’m that way, it’s just not my main focus in life.) US Magazine asked Bethenny at an event for holiday diet tips. She started off well and said that you shouldn’t be on a strict diet and should indulge reasonably. Some of her other advice was decent too, but of course she said disparaging things about eating and gaining weight because that’s how she is.

“I’m a fan of indulging,” [Bethenny Frankel] told Us… “I think people are always told how to restrict and my feeling is you have to teach people how to indulge. It’s OK to have some cake, it’s OK to have some cookies. If you’re getting buckets of popcorn and brownies, choose how you’re going to invest — the way you invest in shopping, the way you invest in money. You don’t go and just buy everything, you just pick your spots. So, that’s how people should handle the holidays.”

For Frankel, it’s more harmful to have a strict diet during the holiday season because it can lead to unhealthy binging. “You say you’re going to be drinking green juice and eating steamed vegetables for the holiday season, you’re going to eat five times the amount and blow up like a tick,” she told Us.

She advised people to eat before attending holiday parties “otherwise you’ll be grabbing every hors d’oeuvre.” When it comes to sipping festive cocktails, Frankel urged partygoers to drink water in between drinks to avoid overeating while buzzed. “It’s a marathon, not a sprint, the holiday season. Can’t call in full the next day,” Frankel said.

The Skinnydipping author added that cheat meals aren’t in her vocabulary because she doesn’t “think it’s cheating.” Instead, she believes the word can cause people to not achieve their diet goals.

“I eat everything,” Frankel said. “If you think it’s called cheating, then you beat yourself up for it, then you rebel, then it’s a vicious cycle. My book, Naturally Thin, is all about ‘treat your diet like a bank account.’”

[From US Magazine]

I tend to eat a lot at parties because the food is great and I don’t drink anymore so I may as well eat. I can’t get on board with this pre-eating thing, that’s assuming the food I have at home is better than typical party food and it never is! It sounds like Bethenny doesn’t care about that at all. However I do treat my diet like a bank account and eat less the rest of the day because I know I’m going to have a lot at one event. I also agree with her that you shouldn’t have “cheat foods” or “forbidden foods.” As I often mention, I count calories and it’s easier to keep a balance when you know how much you’re eating and what you have left. Plus then you don’t have to give up entire categories of foods. That seems like misery to me. That’s Bethenny’s default setting though so it probably doesn’t matter what she eats.

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