Barbara Windsor: Dad of EastEnders star’s husband dies as her dementia gets ‘worse’

Dame Barbara Windsor, 81, is currently battling Alzheimer’s and her husband is her full-time carer.

During an interview on Loose Women today, the actress’ former EastEnders son, Ross Kemp, who played Grant Mitchell, announced Scott’s dad, Ron, had died.

The actor said he spoke to the family who gave him permission to pass on the sad news.

When asked how Dame Barbara is doing, he said: “Well you know, she’s got Alzheimer’s so it’s getting worse and worse every day.”

Ross went on: “Scott’s had a pretty hard time of it, he ran the marathon, raised a lot of money…”

He added: “Scott’s dad sadly passed last night. I was on the phone to him just now and he knows I was going to mention it .”

Pointing towards Loose Women regular, Jane Moore, Ross said: “And you’re a great friend as well.”

She explained: “He wanted to say his dad was called Ron Mitchell and wanted to say my dad was my hero.”

Ross said: “I met him, he’s lovely man and obviously we’re thinking about his family right now.”

Andrea McLean concluded: “We love the both of them and we wish them well.”

Scott ran the Virgin Money London Marathon with some of Dame Barbara’s former EastEnders co-stars, who formed group Barbara’s Revolutionaries, last month.

The runners raised more than £150,000 for charity Dementia Revolution, which easily beat their target of £100,000.

Following the 26.2 mile stretch, Scott appeared on Lorraine the next day to talk about his achievement.

Dame Barbara’s spouse also discussed how she’s doing and candidly said she tells him she’s “scared”.

Speaking about his wife’s condition, Scott explained: “It is very much good days and bad days. A lot of people going through the same thing know the cases are individual.

“Last night was not a good night she was very confused.”

“She suddenly looked at me and said, ‘I’m scared Scott,’ she said, ‘I’m scared because this is getting worse.’”

Scott continued: “We have to remember at that point, they are scared, they’re terrified because they know that something’s ok because at the moment there is a familiar person which is me there.

“I can see her looking around the house and not placing where she is or asking me, ‘Are we going to stay here?’”

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