Ariana Grande: Sued For Stealing an Instagram Photo!

These days, with everyone & everything being seen on the internet — you really gotta watch what you’re sharing to the world.  

But you all know that. 

Ariana Grande should also know that — though it seems she recently slipped up because she is now being sued after sharing images of herself to Instagram… that technically didn’t belong to her? 

That’s right — the “Sweetener” singer is in some legal hot water after posting images to her social media page. 

Something that she does almost daily.

And while 3 million of the pop star’s fans showed the photo lots of love, her legal team wasn’t too impressed. 

In court documents obtainted by E! News, a paparazzi photographer Robert Barbera is suing the singer claiming copyright infringement. 

According to Robert, Ari publicized photographs on her Instagram page that he captured without licensing. 

In addition, the New York based photog claims that she didn’t have his “permission or consent to publish the photographs.” 

He is now looking for monetary relief, naturally, from the copyright infringement, attorney fees and costs, falsifying copyright management, statutory damages up to $25,000 for each violation. 

In the photos, the Grammy winner is carying a see-through bag with the word “Sweetener” on it as she was exiting a building. 

Two of the photos were shared to Grande’s official IG account back in August of 2018, the day her fourth studio album “Sweeterner” was released. 

“Happy sweetener day,” she wrote in the caption. 

The original post has since been deleted, though an edited version currently remains on her account promoting her merch. 

E! has reached out to Ari’s team for comments, but has yet to hear back. 

As fans of the “thank u, next singer” are well aware — she is often times very good at communcating with her followers via her social media accounts. 

Whether she is opening up about a recent brain scan, or just posing for selfies, the 25-year-old is all about keeping her 154 million followers up-to-date on her life. For the most part, that is. 

We will just have to stand by to see if she is willing to open up about her (totally underdanstandable) photo fail with her fellow Arianators.

Grande, however, is not the first celeb to be scolded for posting a paparazzi photo to their social media pages. 

In January, model Gigi Hadid found herself embroiled in a lawsuit (again!) with a photo agency after posting a picture they had taken of her to her 44 million Insta followers. 

Kim Kardashian West, Jennifer Lopez, 50 Cent, and Jessica Simposn have also been targeted by agencies for re-using photos. 

Of themselves.

Paparazzi members have been suffering (obviously) as the rise of social media has changed the way we look at the rich and famous.

Many celebs use the platform to take control of their own images and open up personally with their fans, devaluing the tabloid images.

Besides, when did these entertainers give these agencies permission or consent to snap photos of them walking to their car or entering a building? 

It seems quite ironic and a tad unfair, but at the end of the day as long as the photos of the public figures are taken in a public place, it is totally legal. 

The paparazzi built an industry around capturing candid photos of Hollywood’s biggest stars, but now that’s going away. 

So it seems they’re turning to an additional source of revenue — suing those stars for posting their pics to Instagram.

What has the world come to, really?  

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