Another Bros documentary is on its way as twins Matt and Luke Goss sign BBC deal

It was one of 2018’s biggest surprises when a mockumentary about the tense reunion of pop band Bros went viral, relaunching them out of obscurity and into our front rooms.

And now fans – old and new – of the 80s hitmakers are in for a second instalment of the hilarious flick.

I’m told the lads – Matt and Luke Goss, both 50 – have signed a deal with the BBC and will start filming next month.

It will be more ‘fly on the wall’ and chart their transformation from vilified crooners to an internet sensation.

A source explains: “Matt and Luke are returning in July for a string of gigs in Brixton and filming will begin there.

“It will almost be like a TV reality show this time, exploring how they were perceived before the previous documentary, how they were vilified and then how they became an overnight sensation.”

When the first film was released in August it started to gather a cult following due to Matt and Luke’s innocuous ramblings.

Some of their best quotes include Matt saying: “The letters H. O. M. E. are so important, because they personify the word ‘home’.”

And Luke mused: “Rome wasn’t built in a day… but we don’t have the time Rome had.”

Bros were never on my radar but then I met Matt at the Brits and now I’m a fan for life.

The Las Vegas-based singer insists they won’t be filtering any of their silly comments for the next round of fun.

He says: “I think with me and my brother, what you see is what you get and we don’t give a s*** really.

“So many people are so metered and overly conscious what they should and shouldn’t say.

“When you’re being filmed for eight or nine months, things will come out of your mouth and you’ll go, ‘I wish I hadn’t said that’, but that’s real and we don’t metre ourselves.”

Literally can’t wait.

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