Andrea Mclean, 49, reveals she’s quit Botox since getting married for the third time

ANDREA McLean has revealed she quit Botox since marrying her third husband Nick Feeney, but says she "wouldn't rule out" getting more work done in the future.

The TV presenter, 49, previously admitted she's taken the injections too far – and that her fellow Loose Women panellists were quick to call her out on it.

Andrea, who tied the knot in November 2017, was speaking to Fabulous Digital as the new face of YourGoodSkin.

She said: "I’m not tempted to get anything else done at the moment. But I’d never rule it out, there’s some really clever people out there.

"I don’t have any Botox at the moment, I haven’t had any for a long time.

"I think the last time was before my wedding, which was 18 months ago, lots of girls would have a refresh before something like that.

"I’m not against anything. I just like to look healthy and good for my age – I don’t want to look younger.

"I don’t want to look like a 20-year-old, that would be silly, I’m nearly 50."

The Scottish mum-of-two has been a familiar face on ITV since becoming a weather girl in 1997 – but says she's not bothered about ageing in the public eye.

She said: "I think all of us look back at pictures of ourselves 10, 20, 30 years ago and think ‘I wish I hadn’t been so hung up on that’.

"I accept I look different, because I am different, I’m 20 years older so of course I’m going to look different. I’m quite chilled about it really.

#tenyearchallenge This first picture was taken out and about with the @loosewomen in 2009. The other one was taken a few weeks ago in my kitchen. It’s been a bumpy old time in the past 10 years but I’m happily hanging in there! Would I turn back time? Nope. Would I get a fringe again? Hmmm… ?

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"I’m genuinely grateful I’m still doing it and people are still interested in what I have to say.

"I’ve found it easier as I’ve gone on because I have got more relaxed, but also I feel like people have come on this journey with me, right from when I was doing the weather, and I love that.

"There’s lots of younger people who have grown up with me, it’s nice. I get a lot of hugs on the street.

"I get a lot of warmth out there from people towards me. I hug back!"

Andrea doesn't worry about being replaced by a younger model when it comes to her career.

She added: "I think there will always be people who prefer to see someone younger than you, but we have more creative outlets than we've ever had.

"We don't have to wait for someone to offer us a job – we can start a podcast, we can start our own channel.

"I have all this experience in broadcasting, in a time in history when you can go out and make your own stuff, so I think I’m really fortunate."

I just like to look healthy and good for my age – I don’t want to look younger. I don’t want to look like a 20-year-old, that would be silly, I’m nearly 50

Andrea, who's been married twice before, is mum to son Finlay, 18, with ex-husband Nick Green and daughter Amy, 12, with Steve Toms.

She started dating businessman Nick in 2014, just two years before undergoing a hysterectomy – when she was already perimenopausal.

Andrea said: "Bless him, Nick doesn’t know any different. He met a crazy lady and married her. I just wore him down.

"Because we met in later life, you’re much more open, like ‘this is me, this is who I am, this is what I’m going through right now, if you don’t like it that’s OK, because I’m not really looking anyway’.

"I laid my cards on the table and he said ‘OK’. He now knows more about menopause than any man should.

"He gets women stopping him in the street now and asking him for advice."

But their sex life has been something of a "rollercoaster", as Andrea admits her libido has been up and down.

She said: "It’s been a rollercoaster.

"You just have to deal with it and keep talking so that there’s no hard feelings or people thinking you’ve gone off them.

"I think if you’re open and say ‘I’m feeling a bit funny at the moment, so don’t take it personally’, that's the best way.

"Then a few weeks later you can go ‘I’m feeling better now, I think we’re all good to go’."

Bless him, Nick doesn’t know any different. He met a crazy lady and married her

She added: "Mentally the thing I’ve noticed the most about the menopause is anxiety.

"It’s something many women ask me about, saying ‘I’m a very strong, confident woman but all of a sudden I’m too scared to leave the house’.

"That’s something I know about first-hand. It’s debilitating, it’s a horrible feeling."

Andrea is a regular face in many British homes, but there's some things we don't see on our TV screens.

She said: "We’re doing Loose Women Late on May 17, which is going to be like Loose Women through the adverts.

"What normally happens, if there’s been a very strong disagreement it will carry on.

"The ladies just don’t stop talking, but during the ad breaks they’ll involve the audience.

"We literally have women yelling form the audience ‘no, she’s right!’

"Everyone gets really involved and I’m normally there sticking my finger in my ear, trying to listen to the producer.

"It’s pandemonium, even the warm-up man gets involved. It’s chaos but really nice, enjoyable chaos."

But Andrea keeps a calm distance from the rows, explaining: "I’m very even, I don’t clash with anybody, I think that’s why I do the job that I do on the show.

"I’m actually very chilled. I’m not really a clash kind of person."

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As someone who's made skincare a priority for over 30 years, Andrea says YourGoodSkin was a perfect fit for her.

She said: "I'm 50 this year, so my skin is something I pay a lot of attention to.

"I had really bad skin as a teenager and in my 20s. The kind of acne where grown-ups would look and go 'oh bless'.

"Looking after my skin is something I've always had to do. My acne was so bad my mum says she wishes she'd kept me off school, it was terrible.

"The ProVitamin Overnight Cream is really great, but if you're living with someone, put it when you're by yourself because you look like a ghost at first.

"Nick did surprise me by coming home a bit earlier than I anticipated and I had to open the door to him.

"You let it set for a while then rub it in, but no-one would ever know."

Andrea previously revealed she's still haunted by ‘dark times’ after secret trauma was exposed on Celebrity SAS – but insists show made her stronger.

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