A Scientology Cruise Ship Was Quarantined Because Of A Measles Outbreak

Measles: it’s not just for people who think that The Brady Bunch is scientifically sound. It’s also for Scientologists who believe that we can develop telekinetic powers once we read a certain amount of books (which explains Mathilda-Scientology witch!). Apparently there has been a case of measles on a Scientology cruise ship, and now the ship is being quarantined and nobody is allowed off.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Scientology’s gigantic cruise ship, The Freewinds, is currently docked in St. Lucia. The St. Lucia Coast Guard confirmed to NBC News that the ship being quarantined was the Scientology Freewinds.

The Freewinds is under quarantine because of one of the 300 people aboard. One woman has come down with the measles, and since it’s a confined space, there’s a good chance others will get it. This case is coming right in the middle of a measles outbreak in the United States. There are 704 cases now reported this year across 22 states— which is the most reported cases in 25 years. When I last reported to you about measles there were 695 cases, so it seems y’all keep coughing on each other.

And the problem is, this is happening all over the world. The World Health Organization says they’ve counted 112,000 measles cases so far in the first quarter of 2019. That is a 300% increase to one year prior. Y’all really believe Jenny McCarthy that much? Then how come she’s not in any movies? What, you just like her scientific advice, not her acting? Y’all a mess.

While Scientologists aren’t exactly out and proud anti-vaxxers, they definitely vehemently object to other medical practices such as psychiatry. Like, they think you can replace depression medication with exercise; if they think you can run off that chemical imbalance in your brain, they definitely would be like “sweat out the measles” or something.

St. Lucia’s chief medical officer, Dr. Merlene Fredericks-James let the people know through a statement on YouTube that the boat was on full lock down:

“We thought it prudent that we quarantine the ship. We have been listening to the alerts from the Pan American Health Organization. There are outbreaks of measles [in the United States] largely because persons have not taken the vaccine.”

And that’s what you call: a read. “Largely because persons have not taken the vaccine.” If she had sipped from an elegant tea cup after saying that I would say Merlene had secured her judge’s spot on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Here’s her statement:

Nobody can get off of the boat in St. Lucia, but the boat is totally free to leave and head back to its home in Curacao. Yeah, it’s not an American boat, I guess. And measles is not the most controversial thing to happen on it.

The boat is home to the Flag Ship Service Organization or FSSO for short, which is a “religious retreat ministering the most advanced level of spiritual counseling in the Scientology religion.” You know that sounds like a prison boat, right? It’s also where Tom Cruise had his 42nd birthday jam. Later on, two former Scientologists would say that they were held against their will in the ship where they were forced to do hard labor during the birthday party. One of the people allegedly held was Valeska Guider who said in 2010:

“I was put in this small room by myself with a camera monitoring my movements. A security guard escorted me anywhere I went, I had to eat in the engine room and was not allowed to eat in the control room because it was air conditioned.”

Here’s some of Tommy’s bash if you forgot about it:

Wow, so… there’s a lot going on here as per usual with Scientology. Measles, potential kidnappings… But to be fair, this is also hardly the first cruise ship which ended up being a breeding ground for bacterial plague. I mean, the CDC keeps track of outbreaks on the damn things! Let’s face it world: when it comes to cruise ships, it’s always a risk.

Pic: Scientology.org

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