50 Cent Shares Secret on How He Never Got Drunk in the Club

During an appearance on ‘The Talk’, the ‘In da Club’ hitmaker dubs himself a lightweight and reveals a creative way to make his associates think he’s a big drinker.

AceShowbiz -Self-confessed “lightweight” 50 Cent dupes associates into thinking he’s a big drinker by refilling champagne bottles with ginger ale.

The rapper and actor insists he’ll never be drunk In Da Club because he stays “cool” by sipping soda instead of bubbly.

“I’ll have a drink but when I do I’m so lightweight that a little bit and I’ll be lit… I’d be like, ‘Yo, I’m feeling like somebody else right now!’ ” he tells “The Talk“. “I’ll pour out the first bottle of champagne and I’ll send it back and I have them fill it with, like, ginger ale, so I’ll be drinking ginger ale, while everybody else is drinking what they’re drinking.”

The rapper admits that consideration made him come up with the ginger ale ruse after realizing that his friends would stop drinking whenever he decided to.

“When I stop and don’t drink they kind of stop too…,” he explains. “It limits the fun that they would have.”

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