This Brow Gel Makes Brows So Feathery and Full That Shoppers Are Ditching Professional Appointments

Whoever said money couldn't buy happiness obviously never tried a brow gel that produced full, fluffy, feathery eyebrows. And according to shoppers, the Kjaer Weis Brow Gel is one of the best for effortlessly bold brows.

So what sets this brow gel apart from competitors? For starters, the high-performing formula has coconut oil, which is packed with vitamin E to help moisturize and fight free radical damage (it also makes sure the gel doesn't look sticky or tight). There's also rice flour for additional moisture, lavender water to soothe, and chestnut extract to stimulate hair growth.

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Azi Sacks, an eyebrow expert and 20-year veteran in the beauty field, previously told InStyle that because most brow gels contain alcohol, they can stiffen and "shatter" eyebrow hairs and dry out "the skin under the hair — this area of skin is vital to the brows' fullness. If it's dry or flaky, new hairs don't generate and properly come through in hair cycles." Kjaer Weis's vegan and organic brow gel, though, doesn't have any alcohol, so brows don't break or look bunched together, according to shoppers.

"Nice and not too stiff, yet gives structure to the brows. Not too opaque and thus still natural," one wrote in a review. Others mentioned that the brand "nailed it" and called the brow gel "the best one out there."

"This brow gel rocks! I just feel bad for the fellow who does my brows because, with this incredible purchase, I won't need to be seeing him for any brow waxing for a while," another reviewer said.

A different shopper notes that the gel "wears fantastically all day long without any feeling of heaviness or stickiness. Your brows will feel and look like your brows." If your brows need some TLC, head to Kjaer Weis now and snag the brow gel for $24.

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