The Anti-Aging Serum Famous for Giving Shoppers "Immediate Results" Is on Sale — Along With the Brand's Best-Sellers

Finding out that your favorite beauty product has been discontinued is one of those life-defining "I remember when and where" type of moments. Sure, holding a funeral for a face mask may sound a little blown out of proportion (Us? Dramatic? Never.), but you can only fully understand if you've ever lost a good one. Whether it was a pinky-nude lipstick that seamlessly matched your natural pigment or the one retinol cream on planet Earth that didn't irritate your sensitive skin, sometimes you don't know what you've got until it's gone. 

Fans of Versed Skin's On the Rise Firming Serum are still mourning the loss of their holy grail anti-aging solution, which was discontinued earlier this year — R.I.P. With a lightweight, non-greasy feel, plus elasticity-boosting peptides and vitamin C on board, shoppers everywhere were understandably devastated when it disappeared from store shelves. But another serum from the same brand is reviving its customer-favorite formula from the graveyard, strategically targeting the three most prominent aging skin concerns: loss of firmness, uneven tone, and sun damage.

Shop now: $30 (Originally $37);

Also packed with vitamin C, the Versed Auto-Save Advanced Restoring Serum instantly lifts droopy skin with the help of microalgae, and keeps it looking perky for 24 hours. While On the Rise featured the anti-aging antioxidant resveratrol, the upgraded formula contains powerful antioxidants of its own, including ferulic acid and phloretin to fend off free radicals for safer sun protection. Hydrating ingredients like squalane, sodium hyaluronate, and vitamin E give Versed's Restoring Serum the added advantage of deep moisturization.

"Think of Auto-Save as the sophisticated, highly-concentrated version of On the Rise that goes beyond firming," said a representative for the brand. "On the Rise offered many benefits to the skin, but not to the same level as Auto-Save."

And with shoppers calling the serum "a great firmer upper" that "gives immediate results," many agree that this is one fast-acting, affordable formula worth buying. In fact, one five-star reviewer wrote, "My skin looks plump and healthy as soon as I apply it," and some claim they see firming results in just a few short weeks of use. 

If you're still salty about On the Rise being discontinued, perhaps a discount can sweeten the deal and encourage you to make the swap. For a limited time, Versed is offering 20 percent off sitewide with the code, "SKINSAVINGS20" on Black Friday through the weekend, and will add to the same deal on Cyber Monday with a free Skin Soak on orders of $40 or more when using the code, "BESTMONDAYEVER." The bottom line: Nearly all of Versed's products — including the Auto-Save Advanced Restoring Serum — are now 20 percent off through November 29.

Score the popular anti-aging formula for just $20, and while you're at it, shop some of our favorite Versed skincare essentials, too.

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