Shoppers in Their 40s and 60s Agree: This Serum Cream Is an Unparalleled Anti-Ager

It's New York Fashion Week once again, and after two years without stylish peacocks strutting in front of National Geographic-esque cameras, it feels good to see 'em at it again. As someone who doesn't star in blockbusters (and likes to eat), seeing the collections is as close as I'm going to get — but if you want some attainable luxury and a dewy, glowing face à la Chanel ad, shoppers say the brand's Hydra Beauty Micro Crème Ultracalming Serum Concentrate does the trick.     

Unlike your typical fluid, watery serum, the Concentrate is an aqua-colored confection with a unique gel texture. Per reviewers who dub it the "ultimate layer of hydration for skin," it instantly delivers a juicy drink of moisture to their skin, and the aftermath is something to be seen. 

"The best thing about the product is that it really works," writes a 66-year-old fan. "I saw a beautiful difference in two days, and after a week, I'm happy with the firmness on my face. Large pores are unnoticeable, or just gone." While it's unlikely that pores up and moved out (evolution worked hard on them), anything that can make you look retouched IRL is worth its weight in gold, or at least Chanel stock.   

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"This light creme packs a powerful punch of hydration for such a lightweight texture. I use this after the Micro serum or the Le Blanc serum, and my skin has never looked more radiant," says a shopper. "I'm so glad I found this gem." Other people add that they've never been as excited about a moisturizer before, a feeling aided by the "terrific" base layer it creates for makeup. 

And let's be clear: When you're paying $98 for skincare, the quality has to be there. That much is assured for the Micro Crème, per satisfied customers. "I love this moisturizer. As soon as it hits my skin, I feel indulgent. Chanel keeps my face healthy and young," one person says. Another terms it "amazing" for women in their 40s, specifically, since the hydration lasts for hours. 

The lasting effect traces back to the "patented micro-drop technology" at work in the formula, which keeps the concentrated camellia oil extract preserved until it hits your skin and starts plumping. The oil frequently shows up in Chanel's skincare — camellias are the brand's signature — as well as in products from famed haircare brand Shu Uemura, which relies on the essential lipid-packed oil to nourish hair.

Less pertinent to hair than skin, one study also found the flower's oil inhibited discoloration. The Chanel Micro Concentrate also features camellia flower extract, ginger root extract, jojoba oil, and shea butter for added moisture, along with vitamin E for antioxidants and wrinkle smoothing. 

Those additions culminate in a moisturizer that wins devotees, and they're as in-love as anyone who's saved years for a quilted bag. One writes, "The best moisturizer I have ever used. Hands down." In the mood for some Fashion Week-level skin? Try it for yourself.

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