Fitness Influencer Brian Mazza Reveals How To Connect Mind & Body For The Ultimate Lifestyle Overhaul

Ahead of the launch of his brand High Performance Lifestyle Training, Brian Mazza reveals how the right mindset could change your whole life.

Entrepreneur and fitness influencer Brian Mazza will launch his High Performance Lifestyle Training brand following a weekend of fun and fitness on May 17th. His new venture, simply put, is how Brian approaches life. “It’s surrounding yourself constantly with people that are challenging you to become better. It’s using all the tools that you’ve learned, all the adversity you’ve been through, the positives and the negatives, and you’re compiling it all together,” Brian said in an interview with “Once the switch goes off to really figuring out what you want to be, how you want to live your life, how you want to train, you’re treating your body, your body becomes a high performance machine.” He continued, “What we’ve figured out is training a certain way, and making your workouts pretty strenuous and difficult, allows your clarity and your approach to all these things become a lot easier.”

Brian works closely with the likes of lacrosse legend Rob Pannell and Super Bowl 50 Champ Omar Bolden, and retired Navy Seal David Goggins, who all embody the High Performance Lifestyle.”I feel like this lifestyle has allowed me to become a better father and a better husband. I’m able to compartmentalize everything in a way where I have control of my whole life and my whole day,” Brian explained. “I don’t feel overwhelmed about certain things. I’m able to attack certain situations and be efficient.” This is his High Performance Lifestyle Training in action, and you can do it, too. “It’s certain tweaks. It’s getting up a little bit earlier and doing the things you need to do, so when you have to be a parent, or you have to do something that needs your undivided attention, you can do that. It’s planning your day, sorting it out a certain way, and you’ll start seeing that life becomes a bit easier because you’re extremely focused and dialed in.”

From May 17-19, Brian will be joined by CNN’s Brooke Baldwin, Juice Press founder Marcus Antebi, SLT founder Amanda Freeman, World Games Lacrosse gold medalist Rob Pannell, Women’s Health Editor in Chief, Liz Plosser and former NFL champ Omar Bolden for his High Performance Lifestyle Retreat to speak to men and women who “really want to get the upper edge and figure out a way to constantly grow and constantly become better.” The keynote speaker on May 18th will be David Goggins. “I have individual relationships with all these people and I view them as high performers in everything that they do in their career and personal life,” Brian said. “It’s a lifestyle. It’s your approach to food, it’s your approach to being the best friend, it’s your approach to doing something at your job. It’s just being the best you could possibly be.” Sign us up!

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