16 Calming Beauty Gifts For That Friend Who's Always Stressed the F*ck Out

Uma Pure Calm Wellness Oil

We’re in the final stretches of 2020, and honestly after the year we’ve had, we’d think it strange if you didn’t know at least one person who’s been a constant a ball of stress and on the verge of exploding. With that in mind, we all know that things tend to get 10 times more stressful and hectic around the holidays with all the gift purchasing, decorating, and traveling going on, so if there’s someone (or even a handful of people) in your life that needs to chill TF out, gift that stressed-out special someone with a few calming beauty products that’ll put them in a better mood.

Sure, products like bath bombs are our go-tos when we need to unwind, but sometimes these alone just don’t cut it, and there are so many more products out there that are specially designed to help your loved ones de-stress. Whether they need something to help them cope with their hectic schedules or something to alleviate a bunch of uneasy feelings, take a look at a few items ahead that are sure to get them in a tranquil state of mind when they need it most. (And, hey, we wouldn’t blame you for stocking up on a few for your yourself while you’re at it.)

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